HG2 18650 Li-ion Cylindrical Rechargeable Batteries

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HG2 18650 Li-ion Cylindrical Rechargeable Batteries
Technical Specs.
Model No.INR18650-HG2
Typical Capacity3000 mAh
Typical Voltage3.6 V
Impedance≤20 mΩ (1KHz)
Minimum Capacity2950 mAh
Charge Voltage4.20±0.05 V
Max. Charge Voltage4.25 V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.5 V
Max. Continuous Charge Current4A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current20 A
Cycle Life>500 Cycles (After 500 Cycles, Capacity >85% Original)
Mechanical Specs.
Cell Weight48 G
Cell Dimension (D*H)18*65 MM
Package200 PCS/Carton
Temp. Specs.
Charge Ambient Temp.0~45℃
Discharge Ambient Temp.-20~60℃
Cell Surface Temp. Charge Limit60℃
Cell Surface Temp. Discharge Limit80℃
Other Specs.
CertificatesUN38.3, MSDS
Good Impedance Consistency
Explosion-proof Valve Protection
High Energy Density
Low Impedance
High Safety
Long Cycle Life
Grade A Cell

Widely used to power tools, electric vehicles- scooter, ebike, motorcycle ... high current applications.
Here are some important notes on how to properly handle Li-ion cylindrical rechargeable battery cells:

Never carry loose cells – the li-ion cylindrical cells should be suitably cased at all times when not in use.

Do not short the li ion cylindrical cells with metallic objects.

Always use a battery charger designed for the li ion rechargeable cells you are charging.

Never leave a battery charger unattended.

Never completely discharge the li-ion cylindrical battery. The cut off for most cells is 2.8v or 2.5v.

Do not short cut the li ion rechargeable battery.

Do not disassemble or deform the 18650 rechargeable battery. Dispose it if the battery is deformed.

Do not immerse in water.

Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.

Do not expose to, dispose of the li-ion cylindrical rechargeable battery in fire.

Please note that these precautions are necessary to ensure safety and prolong the life of your batteries.

18650 Battery Cell Holder

18650 battery cell holder

18650 Cell Holder Dimension

18650 cell holder dimensions

18650 Cell Holder

18650 cell holder

Nickel Battery Strip

nickel battery strip

Battery Nickel Strip

battery nickel strip Nickel Strip User Guide for 18650 Battery Packs
MaterialColumnWidth(mm)Row Space(mm)Thickness(mm)Cell Holder
Nickel Strip1718.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip225.518.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip34418.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip462.518.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip58118.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip699.518.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip711818.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
Nickel Strip8136.518.50.12/0.15/0.2N/A
MaterialColumnWidth(mm)Row Space(mm)Thickness(mm)Cell Holder
Nickel Strip1720.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip22720.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip34720.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip467.620.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip587.820.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip610820.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip7128.220.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes
Nickel Strip8148.420.20.12//0.15/0.2Yes

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