32700 LiFePO4 Battery 6000mAh

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32700 LiFePO4 Battery 6000mAh
Technical Specs.
Nominal Capacity6Ah
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Standard Charge Current0.5C (3A)
Max. Discharge Current3C (18A)
Max. Peak Discharge Current (3S)10C (60A)
Impedance≤8 mΩ
Cycle Life≥2000 Cycles @80%DOD
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.5V
Charge Cut-off Voltage3.65V
Self-discharge Rate≤3%/Month
Charge ModeCC-CV
Temp. Specs.
Charge Operating Temperature0~45℃
Discharge Operating Temperature-10~60℃
Storage Temperature-20~45℃
Storage Humidity<70%RH
Mechnical Specs.
Cell Weight145 G
Cell Dimension32.2*70.5 MM
Other Specs.
ApplicationElectric Bike/Scooter/Tricycle etc
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What are the Dimensions of a 32700 Battery?

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