JBD BMS 48V 16S 200A

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JBD BMS 48V 16S 200A

1. Suit for 10S~16S LiFePO4, Li-ion lithium battery home storage.

2. Continuous discharging current 200A, peak discharging current Max. 600A.

3. PC monitoring via CAN serial port, connecting in parallel, charging-current limiting module, reserved heater function, and buzzer alert.

4. Compatible with power inverters as victron energy, pylontech, goodwe, deye, tbb etc.

5. Battery information, charging/discharging data, heater, alert, current-limiting, multiplex communication including CAN, RS232, double RS485, optional LED display, etc.

6. Over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short-circuit protection, over-temperature alert.


The choice between Daly and JBD BMS (Battery Management Systems) depends on your specific needs and preferences.

JBD BMS is fully featured, but it requires configuration. It's more functional, especially with Bluetooth. However, you need to ensure that it meets your current requirements.

According to an electrical engineer with years of experience in the field of lithium battery, they would prefer JBD BMS to DALY BMS, just because of its simple configuration settings and technical stability. However, DALY do a better job on marketing.

Daly BMS is more of a set-and-forget system. It has a much wider range of current ratings, so if you need high current, Daly is really your only choice for a FET-based BMS. Some users have reported intermittent failures with Daly, while others have found it to be well-built.

A safety feature in Daly BMS that some users don't like is that if the BMS shuts off output to protect the pack, it will not re-enable the output until the charger is connected and running.

The stock Daly BMS current without active balancing is 100 milliamps, which is much higher than the 20 to 50 mA provided by non-smart BMS models, but very low compared to the ANT/JBD and JK BMS which can do 600 milliamps or more.

Finally, both have their pros and cons, and the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you need less than 100A continuous @12v or less than 80A continuous @ 24v, you might want to go with the JBD BMS. But if you need high current, Daly might be your only choice. Always make sure to get the one that meets your needs.


JBD BMS Wiring for Reference Only


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