ANT BMS 16S 20S 24S 32S 300A

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ANT BMS 10S ~ 32S 300A for Lithium Battery

1. Suit for 10S~32S lithium battery pack.

2. Universal version for Li-ion, LiFePO4, and LTO lithium battery.

3. Built-in bluetooth.

4. Over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, short-circuit, temp. protection, off-line protection, surge protection and smart balancing.

5. Used for electric scooter, electric bike, mobility scooter, tricycle, forklift, RV, energy storage.

6. Peak discharging current from 200A, 250A, to 300A Max.

7. Parameters show voltage, current, temperature, SOC, equilibrium, alert, and cycle count.

ANT BMS Wiring Diagram for ANT BMS 10S ~ 32S 300A

ANT BMS 31S 32S Wiring Diagram

ant bms 31s 32s wiring diagram

ANT BMS 29S 30S Wiring Diagram

ant bms 29s 30s wiring diagram

ANT BMS 27S 28S Wiring Diagram

ant bms 27s 28s wiring diagram.jpg

ANT BMS 25S 26S Wiring Diagram

ant bms 25s 26s wiring diagram

ANT BMS 24S Wiring Diagram

ant bms 24s wiring diagram

ANT BMS 32S 300A Wiring Diagram

ant bms wiring diagram 32s 300a

ANT BMS Download

1. For Android, search ANT BMS in Google Play ant bms app on google play to download ANT BMS Android APP;

for iOS, search ANT BMS in APP Store ant bms on apple store to download the ANT BMS APP.

2. Launch the ANT BMS APP on your smart phone.

3. You may find the English/Chinese language switch to your preferred language under Setting as shown: ant bms setting

4. ANT BMS administrator password by default 1234.

5. You may choose to watch the video instruction of how to use the APP.

ANT BMS 10S~32S 300A Balance Wires

ant bms 32s balancing wire

ant bms 32s temperature sensor switch wire




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