Prismatic Batteries Sodium ion 210Ah

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Prismatic Batteries Sodium ion 210Ah
Technical Specs.
Nominal Capacity210.0Ah @0.5C5A discharge
Typical Capacity215.0Ah @0.5C5A discharge
Nominal Voltage3.10V
Energy Density≥145Wh/Kg
Battery ChemistrySodium ion
Max. Charge Voltage3.95±0.05V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage1.50±0.05V
Max. Constant Charge CurrentCC 0.50C, CV4.0V, 0.05C cut-off
Max. Constant Discharge CurrentCC 1.00C, CV2.0V
Cycle Life≥4000 Cycles @25.0±3.0C, charge to CC/CV 0.50C 3.95V, cut-off current 0.05C, discharge capacity CC 0.50C, discharge cut-off voltage 1.50V
Temp. Specs.
Charge Operating Temp.-10℃~45℃
Discharge Operating Temp.-30℃~60℃
Storage Temp.-20℃~60℃
Mechanical Specs.
Cell Weight4.70±0.50Kg
Cell Dimension71.25±0.50mm*173.60±0.50mm*203.70±0.50mm
Other Specs.
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1, Each cell will come with 1 battery bus bar, 2 matchable nuts and 2 metal washers.
2, Any other item can be custom per your request.

Copper Battery Bus Bar Copper Battery Bus Bar
Sodium ion Battery BMS

sodium ion battery bms

Sodium ion Battery BMS Wiring Diagram

1, Start from the black balance wire, to connect it to the negative (B- as shown) of a sodium ion battery pack.
2, Then connect the first red balance wire that's next to the black one to the positive of the first series of the sodium battery pack.
3, Connect the second red balance wire to the positive of the second series fo the na ion batery pack, and so on, to the last red balance wire to the positive of the na battery pack (B+ as shown).
4, Use a multimeter to check each balance port and make sure each cell's voltage is correct.
5, If everything is correct, put the balance plug in the port of the BMS.

sodium ion battery bms wiring diagram

Sodium ion Battery BMS Parameter

sodium ion battery bms parameter
Sodium ion Battery Chargers

There are several models available, for your reference, the most used models are listed here, including 24V 5A, 36V 5A, 48V 5A, 60V 5A, and 72V 5A.
sodium ion battery chargers

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