Headway 38120HP 8Ah LiFePO4 Cylindrical Cells

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Nominal Capacity8.0 Ah @ 1 C
Minimum Capacity7.5 Ah @ 1 C
Nominal Voltage3.2 V
Charging Cut-off Voltage3.65 ±0.05 V
Discharging Cut-off Voltage2.5 ±0.05 V
Standard Charging Current3 C
Max. Charging Current10 C (T≥10℃)
Max. Charging Current3 C (10℃≥T≥0℃)
Max. Charging Current0.1 C (0℃≥T≥-10℃)
Standard Discharging Current5 C
Max. Continuous Discharging Current15 C
Max. Pulse Discharging Current30 C (30 S)
Surface Temp. Increment (5C Continuous Discharging)≤15℃
Surface Temp. Increment (10C Continuous Discharging)≤25℃
Charge Operating Temperature0~45℃
Discharge Operating Temperature-20~60℃
Cycle Life≥2000 Cycles (80%DOD)
Storage Humidity0~90%
Internal Resistance≤2.5 mOhm (AC,1000HZ)
Cell Weight335 G
Cell Dimension(φ*L)38.5*136 MM
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Headway Lithium Battery, (also referred to as Headway Battery) is affiliated to Headway Group, based in Zhejiang, China. It specializes in research & development, manufacture, distribution of Cylindrical Lithium-ion Batteries, including high-performance li-ion rechargeable batteries Headway 38120, Headway 40152, etc. With highly-differentiated offerings, Headway LiFePO4 Cells are widely applied to electric vehicles, power tools, energy storage system and more, and with a great reputation among clients.
1, Each cell will come with headway bus bars and matchable nuts.
2, Any other item can be custom per your request.

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