4680 Battery LFP 15000mAh

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4680 Battery LFP 15000mAh Specs
Technical Specs.
Model No.FC4680P
Typical Capacity15000mAh @0.2C Discharge
Minimal Capacity14700mAh @0.5C Charge
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Impedance≤8mΩ(AC 1kHz)
Charge Cut-off Voltage3.65V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.0V
Max. Continuous Charge Current1C (15A)
Standard Discharge Current0.2C
Max. Continuous Discharge Current1C (15A)
Cycle Life≥4000 Cycles @0.5C Charge/Discharge, 70%DOD
Temp. Specs.
Charge Operating Temp.0℃~55℃
Discharge Operating Temp.-20℃~60℃
Storage Temp.-20℃~55℃ @1 Month
-20℃~45℃ @3 Months
-20℃~25℃ @12 Months
Mechanical Specs.
Cell Weight335 g
Cell Dimension46.55*80.50 mm
Other Specs.
1. Are 4680 Batteries LFP?

Yes, this BYD FC4680 battery is based on LFP cathode chemistry, while the Tesla's 4680 cell chemistry is NMC or NCM.

BYD 4680 LFP Battery byd 4680 lfp battery

2. Are Tesla 4680 Batteries LFP?

Tesla's 4680 batteries are currently based on the NCM cathode chemistry. However, Tesla has announced an intention to use its all-new 4680-type cylindrical battery cells in battery energy storage systems (BESS), like the Megapack, Powerpack, or maybe even Powerwall. The company would like to make a transition from NCA/NCM to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry. So, Tesla will eventually make 4680 batteries based on the LFP chemistry. More about Tesla 4680 cell specs.

Tesla Cell 4680 tesla cell 4680

3. What is the Tesla 4680 Battery?

The Tesla 4680 battery is a new type of battery cell introduced by Tesla. Here are some key features:

. Form Factor: The '4680' refers to the dimensions of the battery cell, which is 46mm in diameter and 80mm in height.
. Tabless Design: This new form factor eliminates the tabs, which increases energy density and improves the power-to-weight ratio.
. Increased Capacity: The larger dimensions of the 4680 battery cell allow for increased capacity.
. Cost Reduction: The design and manufacturing improvements aim to significantly reduce the cost of the battery cells.
. Manufacturing: Tesla has rethought the entire process from start to finish, aiming for greater efficiencies in battery production.

However, as of late 2023, Tesla has reportedly been facing challenges with the production of these 4680 battery cells. Despite these issues, Tesla has made significant progress and announced a breakthrough in 4680 battery cell production.

4. Tesla 4680 Battery Specifications
Panasonic 4680 Battery Specs
Model: Tesla 4680 NMC-Lithium Battery
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Nominal Capacity: 26Ah
Energy Density: 272~296Wh/Kg
Impedance: <3mΩ
Max. Charge Current: 1C (23A)
Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 3C (69A)
Max. Pulse Discharge Current: 5C (115A)
Charge Cut-off Voltage: 4.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V
Charge Operating Temp.: 0℃~50℃
Discharge Operating Temp.: -20℃~60℃
Cell Weight: 355g
Cell Dimension: φ46*80mm

4680 LiFePO4 Battery Holder 4680 lifepo4 battery holder

4680 LFP Battery Cell Holder 4680 lfp battery cell holder


Tesla 4680 Battery Composition


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