CALB 180Ah CA180 LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells

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Typical Capacity180 Ah
Typical Voltage3.2 V
Charging Cut-off Voltage3.65 V
Discharging Cut-off Voltage2.5 V
Recommended SOC Range10~90%
Standard Charging Rate0.2 C
Standard Discharging Rate1 C
Charging Operating Temperature0℃~45℃
Discharging Operating Temperature-20℃~55℃
Short Term Storage Temperature(Within 1 Month)-20℃~45℃
Long Term Storage Temperature(Within 1 Year)-20℃~20℃
Cell Weight5.6 KG
Cell Dimension(L*T*H)180*71*279 MM
China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. (CALB), a pioneering force in the world of Llithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology. CALB has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable energy storage solutions to various industries.

CALB specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, including the highly sought-after CALB LiFePO4 180Ah and CALB 72Ah LiFePO4 cells. These advanced lithium batteries offer exceptional performance, long cycle life, and enhanced safety features, making them the preferred choice for applications such as electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and grid storage solutions.

CALB's commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in CALB LiFePO4 100Ah and CALB LiFePO4 200Ah cells, which are designed to meet the increasing demands of modern energy storage requirements. These high-capacity batteries provide reliable power, extended cycle life, and improved energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of applications.

As a leading battery manufacturer, CALB is dedicated to producing top-quality lithium batteries that meet the highest industry standards. CALB Batteries are trusted by customers worldwide for their reliability, durability, and superior performance. Whether it's for automotive, marine, or stationary applications, CALB LiFePO4 batteries deliver consistent power and exceptional energy storage capabilities.

CALB's strong presence in the battery industry is a testament to its commitment to excellence. CALB Battery China Company has been a key player in the country's rapidly growing energy storage sector. CALB 180Ah Lithium Battery exemplifies our dedication to providing high-capacity, long-lasting energy storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers.
1, Each cell will come with 1 battery bus bar, 2 matchable nuts and 2 metal washers.
2, Any other item can be custom per your request.

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